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Enhancing Comfort and Stability for Denture Wearers

Dentist in Hialeah, FL

Overdentures are a type of removable dental prosthesis that combines the benefits of traditional dentures with the stability of dental implants. Unlike traditional dentures, which rest on the gums and rely on adhesive or suction, overdentures are securely anchored to dental implants. The dental implants act as anchors, providing a stable foundation for the overdenture, which can be easily snapped on and off for cleaning and maintenance.

The process of getting overdentures typically involves several steps. First, our skilled dental team at Ines Orta, DDS, will conduct a thorough examination of your oral health and determine if you are a suitable candidate for overdentures. If you have sufficient bone density and good oral health, dental implants will be strategically placed in your jawbone. These implants will serve as the attachment points for your overdenture. Once the implants have fused with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration, the customized overdenture will be fabricated to fit securely and comfortably over the implants.


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The Benefits of Overdentures:

  1. Improved Stability: Overdentures provide enhanced stability compared to traditional dentures. The dental implants prevent slippage and movement of the denture, allowing you to speak, eat, and smile with confidence.

  2. Increased Comfort: The stability provided by the dental implants reduces discomfort and irritation often experienced with traditional dentures. Overdentures have a secure fit, minimizing sore spots and gum irritation.

  3. Preservation of Jawbone: Dental implants used in overdentures help stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss and preserving facial structure. This contributes to a more youthful appearance and maintains the integrity of your jawbone.

  4. Better Chewing Efficiency: With increased stability, overdentures restore your ability to chew a wider variety of foods, enhancing your nutritional intake and overall well-being.

If you’re searching for a dentist in Hialeah, FL, who specializes in overdentures, Ines Orta, DDS, is here to provide you with exceptional care and personalized solutions. Don’t let loose and uncomfortable dentures hold you back any longer. Contact us today at (305) 888-9807 to schedule an appointment and discover the transformative benefits of overdentures. Let us help you regain stability, enhance comfort, and enjoy a renewed sense of confidence in your smile. With overdentures, you can experience the freedom and improved quality of life that comes with a securely anchored and comfortable dental solution.